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Technical Features

  • Microphone capsules with XY (XYH-6) and Mid-Side (MSH-6) configuration
  • Four XLR / TRS inputs for external Mic / Line sources
  • Up to 6 simultaneous recording channels
  • High-quality audio at 24-bit / 96kHz
  • USB 6-in / 2-out USB audio interface
  • Over 40 hours of operation with 4 batteries
  • Supports SDXC memory cards up to 128GB
  • Shotgun microphone (SGH-6) and XLR / TRS input module (EXH-6) available separately
  • Hot Shoe Mount (optional) to install H6 on a video camera
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The Zoom H6 is a portable recorder and a USB audio interface that features an interchangeable microphone system. The recorder is supplied with an XY stereo pair, the mid-side option and the windproof sponge. The included microphone module XYH-6XY consists of two paired unidirectional condenser microphones and is intended to capture accurate stereo sound. The module allows you to adjust the angle of two microphones or 90 degrees, or 120 degrees, for a wider stereo image. The Mid-Side consists of two microphones. The first is unidirectional, the second is bidirectional that allows you to have a very large stereo image and is perfect for indoor environments. In addition, the H6 features four mic / line inputs with XLR / TRS combo connectors for connecting external sources such as microphones and mixers. The four inputs and each of the microphone modules are equipped with their own preamplifiers with knobs are easily accessible. Furthermore, each of the four combo inputs has its own 20dB pad. The recorder allows you to record up to six channels at a time and stores them on SDXC memory cards up to 128GB. It also has a backup record option that tracks a duplicate of left and right channels with an input 12dB.

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Additional information


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