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The MSW-900 is designed to be extremely compact and lightweight, providing a high level of mobility in the field. It weighs approximately 5.3 kg including a viewfinder, microphone, BP-L60A Li-ion battery and BCT-60MX cassette tape. With its new-generation LSI, the camcorder achieves a low power consumption of just 27 W.

Interval recording is also a unique feature of the MSW-900 camcorder, and operates in a choice of two modes. In manual mode, up to eight frames are recorded every time the Record button is pressed. In auto mode, the camera records frames at predetermined intervals over a predetermined time. In both modes the frames are initially stored in the Picture Cache board and when this is full its contents are copied to tape. This allows recordings to be made over very long time periods on a single tape and minimizes wear of the tape drive mechanism.

Two important aspects of the user-friendly operation of the MSW-900 are its carefully designed menu structure and the ergonomic design of the camcorder body. The menu can be displayed in either of two ways, as a user menu or sub-menu based system

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