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Rental Quadrilight 4X55W Lupo Light

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Illuminator of a new daylight concept, very versatile and very much indicative as a main light, support or backlight for portraiture, still life.

Ideal for use inside or outside the studio.

Easily transportable through the dedicated padded bag.

Complete with 4 special fluorescent lamps LUPO LIGHT 5400 ° K, soft and enveloping light, and 2 adjustable mirror fins.

Soft and enveloping light, without shadows.

Technical data:

  • 220W high efficiency equivalent to about, 1500W of an incandescent lamp
  • High frequency electronic power supply ideal for digital
  • Fins: 2 mirrors, including
  • Lamps: 4 special fluorescent included
  • Bracket: included for fixing on a stand
  • Weight: 4.2 Kg.
  • Dimensions: 600x295x50 mm

Padded bag for transportation

Quadrilight 4X55W (5400 ° K) with built-in dimmer.


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