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The Sound Devices 663 is an audio recorder that offers six analog inputs and records on SD and Compact Flash cards. It was designed for audio professionals who demand maximum portability without compromise in mixing and recording capabilities.

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The Sound Device 633 recorder was designed for production, mixing and recording audio on the set and in the field. The unit is housed in a lightweight compact metal frame. In carbon fiber and has six analog inputs: three XLR microphone preamp inputs with selectable phantom power, high-pass filters, input limiters, attenuators and variable pan, plus three levels of TA3 line input (mini-XLR ). The first XLR can also function as an AES digital input and accept AES3 or AES42 inputs with + 10 V phantom power for digital microphones. The two XLR outputs can also be used as four AES output channels. All unit inputs can be assigned to the six output mixers: left, right, Aux 1, Aux 2, Aux 3, and Aux 4. The selectable output delay on all six buses makes it easy to correct synchronization problems between audio and video. The 1/4 “headphone output unit can be configured with different user-presets and a preferred mode allows quick source selection during monitoring.The device can record on an SD card, Compact Flash card, or both Memory card formats simultaneously in mono or WAV or MP3 poles A maximum of ten tracks can be recorded.

The integrated battery also allows the device to start recording in two seconds after switching on for almost immediate operation. The unit is built with ergonomic controls dedicated to all the main mixing and recording functions and features an LCD display that ensures correct display even in low light conditions. The background of the display can be changed from the menu settings between the day and night modes to make the meters easier to read. A high-precision Timecode integrated generator supports speed and mode. A USB port allows the connection of a computer keyboard for easy insertion of metadata to better organize the files.

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