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The 663 / O / P / S2 is the most advanced Lilliput 7 “monitor, designed for both an amateur hobbyist and a professional photographer. Its features include false color, histogram, peak and exposure control as well as a hood to protect the screen from the sun. The 663 / O / P / S2 is robust, easy to use and economical. The 663 / O / P / S2 comes with all the accessories inside a metal case that is easy to transport.

The 663 has a high resolution, a large 7 “LCD screen: the perfect combination for DSLR use and the ideal size to fit neatly into the camera bag.The focus is a major concern for those using the DSLR. They are great at showing accurate on-screen images on the field, but the 633 makes focusing even easier with its peak functionality.The 663 includes an HDMI output feature that allows customers to duplicate video content in a second monitor without require boring HDMI splitters.The second monitor can be of any size and the quality of the image does not change.The 663 monitor uses the most modern LED-backlit panels that give a higher resolution than 25% native.This provides an image with details high-level accuracy.With a stunning 150 ° angle both vertically and horizontally, you can have vivid images from any sition is ideal for sharing images from your DSLR with the entire crew.

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