Rental Lens Sony 18 – 105 F4

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Sony 18.105 F4 optics offer excellent performance even in low light conditions.

The Steady Shot feature allows you to reduce camera shake when shooting with zoom and wide angle.

The Handycam technology of the zoom, allows high resolution and shooting in 3D.

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The Sony 18.105 F4 lenses have a camera lens wide-ranging zoom, offering a focal length range of 35mm, covering wide-angle telephoto perspectives.

The Sony 18.105 F4 optics offer excellent performance even in low light conditions, and are equipped with a smooth and silent focus.

The internal focusing mechanism allows the length to be constant to offer greater maneuverability and quick auto focus at a minimal distance: perfect for the polarizing filter.

The optical scheme includes two glass elements ED (Extra-low Dispersion) and three aspherical lenses , to ensure high resolution over the entire zoom range.

The Steady Shot function, helps reduce camera shake when shooting with a wide angle shot.

The Sony 18.105 F4 lenses have a design that incorporates two extra-low dispersion elements and three aspherical elements.

These elements reduce chromatic aberrations, making images crisp.

Handycam zoom technology, allows high resolution and 3D shooting.

The Sony 18.105 F4 lenses are equipped with a Design Focus.

This helps maintain a constant focal length with a non-rotating front element to support the use of polarizing filters.


Powerful 18-105mm G-series F-lens for E-mount cameras. Power silent zoom with SteadyShot image stabilization and zoom lever.

  • Standard 6X zoom lens
  • Stabilizing the SteadyShot image
  • Format APS-C, graft E
  • Lens hood (ALC-SH128)
  • Rear lens cover
  • Front lens cover
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