Rental IDX CW-3 – Video transmitter SDI

50,00 / day

Prices are indicative and may have discounts based on the rental days or on the presence of specific promotions.



The IDX’s CW-3 Wireless Video Transmission System is capable of transmitting 1080p Full HD video up to 115 meters away without losing quality and less than 1 ms of latency. Supports 3G- and HD-SDI video signals up to 1080p60 with 4: 2: 2, with 10-bit color depth. It is possible to power the transmitter (Tx) and the receiver (Rx) through mains power supplies, or they can be powered by an external 7 to 17 volt battery, such as a video battery with the PowerTap port. A 1/4 “adapter is included for mounting the transmitter on the camera.

  • Uses WHDI (OFDM / MIMO) wireless technology
  • Operates with 5 GHz frequency band
  • Zero frame delay; less than 1 ms of latency
  • Frequency dynamic selection (DFS) operates on less congested channels for optimal performance
  • GPI output on TX for tally
  • PowerTap cables, SDI cables, AC adapters, and 1/4 “mounting adapters

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