Rental DJI Focus- Radio Follow Focus

80,00 / day

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The DJI Focus is a wireless follow focus that can be mounted on platforms with 15mm or 19mm temples – including Ronin and Ronin-M gimbals. The wireless system boasts a range of up to 100m exposed with a delay of only 14ms.

A white ring around the dial marks the focus that can be removed and customized. A light behind the ring illuminates the markings ensuring that they are visible even on a poorly lit set. An OLED display menu on the remote control optimizes the operation of the follow focus. Up to 4 focus presets can be set. A rosette connection allows you to connect it to other accessories in a practical and safe way. The single-cell battery can last for 14 hours and can be replaced in seconds if it runs out. You can load in the studio or even on the move from a power supply via the USB charging port.

In the padded and waterproof case are included the remote control that allows you to have control of the radio fire from afar, the Focus Motor, a strap, 3 white rings to mark the points of focus, 4 lenses with toothed crowns from 60mm, 70mm, 80mm, 90mm and 3 power cables.


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