Ready Rig Rental

100,00 / day

Prices are indicative and may have discounts based on the rental days or on the presence of specific promotions.

Technical features:


  • 180° rotation with positioning above / below / side

  • fast camera balance

  • compatible with any DSLR

  • weight: about 5 kg


The Ready Rig with Case is designed to support HDSLRs and moderately sized camcorders with four points of stabilization. The system completely redistributes the weight of the camera away from the user’s hands, enabling even hands-free operation. This not only mitigates fatigue during prolonged use, the Ready Rig also fosters steady camera movements without compromising the freedom of movement afforded by shooting handheld. The rig supports a suggest load capacity of 13Kg. A custom fit case is included for convenient transport and storage.

  • Designed to provide four points of stabilization
  • Completely redistributes the weight of the camera, diminishing fatigue
  • Enables hands-free operation and steady camera movements
  • Freedom of motion enables Dutch angles and 180° tilt
  • Monitor and accessory mounts and suggest capacity of 13Kg
  • Includes case for convenient transport
  • Hands are free to pull focus, zoom, or adjust camera settings

Città coperte dal servizio:

Pescara - Napoli - Bologna - Parma - Trieste - Udine - Civitavecchia - Latina - Roma - Genova - Bergamo - Brescia - Milano - Ancona - Torino - Firenze - Perugia - Verona - Salerno - Bari - Foggia - Palermo

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