Canon Optic CN – E18-80mm

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  • EF Attack
  • Super 35 Image Cover
  • Focal length 18-80mm
  • Maximum aperture T4.4
  • Compact and Light
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The Canon CN – E18-80mm T4.4 lens is a cinematic servo lens, with a 4.4x zoom, measuring approximately 18cm in length and weighing 1.2Kg.

The CN – E 18-80 T4.4 combines the functionality of Canon EF lenses with the features and performance of their CN-Es.

Designed to be used with Super 35 cameras or APS-C size sensors, the lens covers a focal range from 18 to 80mm while maintaining a constant T-stop of T4.4.

The Canon CN – E18-80mm lens is compact, light so it can be used for various productions. In particular, it is the first Cine lens that incorporates image stabilization and auto focus functionality when combined with Cinema Eos cameras.

The Dual Pixel CMOS AF allows you to focus quickly and accurately at the touch of a single button, while continuous AF lets you track subjects while maintaining focus.

To enhance the versatility of this lens, Canon has equipped it with a controller-compatible servo drive for industry-standard lenses, including the Canon broadcats ZSD-300D and FPD-400D, for full zoom, and control iris. Alternatively, you can use the lens with the ZSG-C10 control handle for ENG lenses.

Correction of peripheral illumination helps to maintain uniform illumination throughout the frame. The lens and the camera remain constantly in communication, from the acquisition of lens metadata to the possibility of selecting a number on the camera display.

The Canon CN – E18-80mm lens allows you to create a bokeh effect, thanks to the use of 9 slats.

This lens is designed to reduce focus breathing and achieve minimal distortion. The Canon movie servo lens offers good image quality in both 4K and HD.


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