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GoPro Hero 5 Black Edition

The GoPro Hero 5 Black Edition combines quality and simplicity. It shoots videos in 4K 30fps, is equipped with integrated GPS, Cloud GoPro Plus.

The 2 “LCD touch screen allows you to change settings, preview, control shots and videos, and edit recordings with a simple touch.With the new voice control, simply place the camera and say a command (you can choose between seven languages) to shoot or record.


With the GoPro HERO 5 Black Edition you can work even in low light thanks to the sensor that allows you to take sharp photos even in low light. Even the audio has been improved, as it is set by default so as to automatically understand which mode to use to ensure quality of the audio. Automatically filters wind noise, is integrated with 3 microphones for audio recording, and in case of need you can change the default settings.

You can choose to shoot in RAW, and WDR with automatic exposure control in the entire field of view to capture details even in the shadows without losing quality.

Thanks to the GPS integrated in the GoPro it is possible to automatically detect and store data on the geographical position in which a photo was taken or a video shot.

It is possible to save memory on the SD card by creating an account on GoPro Plus, and transferring photos and videos to the cloud space.

With GoPro HERO 5 Black is faster charging and data transfer thanks to technology new USB-C input. The USB Type-C has a completely different connector from the previous, not only as a dimension but it is also possible to insert it into the female connector regardless of which face is facing towards us, eliminating the risk of damaging the door.


GoPro HERO 5 Black is the first top of the range to be totally waterproof up to 10m depth without any tin housing. Maximum ease of use is guaranteed by the One-Button-Control , and the innovative voice control of the camera.


Thanks to GoPro Apps you can have full control of all the functions and settings of the camera from the mobile phone and the tablet.


The QuikCapture mode allows you to turn on the camera and start recording automatically at the touch of a single button. Just press the Shutter button to record a video; press and hold the button for two seconds to take pictures in Time Lapse instead.

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