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Audio equipment can be rented at Preset Srl_Film Equipment Rental.

Audio Recorder: 6-channel Sound Device 633 recorder, 4-channel Edirol R-44 and F8 zoom.

Hand Recorder: Tascam DR 05 recorder, Tascam DR 100 MK II recorder, Zoom H6, Tascam DR-10CS and Tascam DR 40.

Handheld Radio / Radio Receivers: Sennheiser TX / RX SK 2000, Sennheiser TX SKM100 G3 / RX EK100 G3, Sennheiser TX SKM500 G2C / RX EK500 G2C, Sennheiser TX SKM100 G2 / RX EK500 G2D, Sennheiser TX SKM5000 / RX EK3041, Sony D12H33 and Sennheiser AVX – 835.

Radio Collarini / Radio Receivers: Sennheiser TX SK2000 / RX SK2000 with MK16 capsule, Sennheiser TX EK100 G2D / RX EK100 G2, Sennheiser TX SK100 G3 / RX SK100 G3, Sennheiser TX SK100 G2 / RX EK100 G2D, Sony UTXB03K33 with Lavalier and Collar capsules AVX. ME 104C Microphone Capsule, DPA-4066-F Headband Capsules and MK1 Microphone Capsules.

Cable Handhelds: Sennheiser E835, Sennheiser MD441 and Sennheiser MD-66.

Rifle Means: Sennheiser MKH 416 (Complete with microphone boom extensible up to 4 meters, Rycote suspension with No.2 wind-resistant and No.2 wind-resistant Zeppelin) and Rode NTG-1.

Transmission Device: Sennheiser SKP500 G2.

Intercom system: Simultalk 24G with 6 channels.

Headphone Radio System: Sennheiser TX / RX SKM500 G2 (adjustable volume).

Portable Audio Mixers: SIE MP243 4-channel stereo mixer, 4-channel Sound Device 442.

Audio Speakers: 150W Eon JBI amplified speaker.

Audio Accessories: Konig & Meyer Auction, Rycote Auction and Ambient Recording Auction.